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Mathematics 8 to 10 develops core foundation skills that are crucial for success in upper-level math. It is very important that students develop a strong algebra background and not rely too much on the calculator. A strong algebra background includes the proficiency in evaluating and solving combined number operations and expressions.

Key Concepts

  • Number Operations
  • Solving Equations
  • Factors and Polynomials
  • Linear Systems and Inequalities
  • Imperial and Metric Conversions
  • Powers and Exponents
  • Basic Trigonometry
  • Surface Area and Volume of Prisms, Cones, and Pyramids

Common Difficulties

Most exercises in the current math curriculum are presented in word problem format. This often poses a challenge for students, as they struggle setting up equations from word descriptions. Some students also struggle with solving variables, where they get confused about taking the proper steps in isolating variables.

How Math Tutor Network can help?

Our fully-trained tutors realize the common difficulties students encounter in Math 8 to 10 and will assess the student to ensure that they are able to overcome the challenges in school. Tutors will also focus on developing solid foundation skills.

To help students better understand the math problems, analogies that relate to the students' interest will be used to explain the concepts. Tutors will also ask a lot of questions to lead students to the answer, instead of simply showing them how it works. They will provide additional examples and provide additional exercises where necessary to help students refine their understanding.

Our Recommendations

With or without tutoring lessons, students should always complete their homework as best as they can. A good approach is to give each question the best effort before checking the answers. Before quizzes or tests, try to do a set of questions and resist from checking the answer until all questions are completed. By doing so, students will be more prepared in a test-writing environment.

Tutoring Lessons

For students who only require help on homework problems and for test preparation, Math Tutor Network recommends one 1.5 hour lesson per week.

For students having difficulties understanding the concepts the teacher go over in class, Math Tutor Network recommends two or more 1.5 hour lessons per week.