Extra Practice Enhancement Program


Our Extra Practice Enhancement Program provides students with additional exercises to build on top of the concepts they learned in school. Students may be provided additional worksheets from a related workbook, or practice tests used previously for assessment. This program is a great add-on for students who do not get enough practice from school.

A workbook containing comprehensive examples and exercises will be used for each preview course. The workbook will be a handy tool for additional practices for students throughout their school year

Lesson Format

Lessons will be held at the student's home or at the public library. As an add-on feature to normal tutoring lessons, part of the time in the lesson will be spent reviewing and previewing the additional exercises assigned. Tutors will still review struggling concepts students have in school, but it is expected that students try their best to complete their homework assigned from school before each lesson.

Students are encouraged to purchase an additional workbook for $40 in this program.

For more information on the availability and rates of our lessons, please visit the Rates page.

Who is this program suitable for?

The Extra Practice Enhancement Program is recommended for students who understands most concepts in school but require additional practice to be proficient. Students having a B or above average is encouraged to enroll in this program.


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