Private Tutoring


Private lessons allow tutors to personalize learning plans for students. Tutors will work at a pace the student is comfortable with. Exercises pertaining to the students' weaknesses can be gone over in details.

How does it Work?

All of our tutors are mobile tutors who are able to provide in-home tutoring services for our students. Tutors can also meet students at a public library at the convenience of the student. Our virtual tutoring platform allows students to book online tutoring lessons with greater flexibility and availability. Students will meet with the same tutor each lesson unless they request for a change. Because there are many tutors in our network, we are able to arrange a tutor that fits students' busy schedule outside of school.

Is Private Tutoring Suitable for Me?

Private tutoring lessons offer the greatest flexibility. If the student has other extra-curricular activities and needed tutors to work along with his/her schedule, Math Tutor Network strongly recommend private lessons. Private lessons are also suitable for students who require thorough explanations and examples to learn math concepts.

Our Student to Tutor Matching Process

Establishing good rapport between the student and the tutor is essential to an efficient learning environment. Therefore, Math Tutor Network puts a lot of effort into matching a suitable tutor for students.

Tutor Matching Process

Our network is equipped with tutors who has different teaching styles so that we can cater to the student's specific learning needs. Math Tutor Network also takes into account of client's preferences for tutors, such as the following:

  • Male/Female tutor preference
  • Tutor's experience (e.g.: Arranging a tutor who has assisted other student's in the same school)
  • Tutor's flexiblity
  • Tutor's proximity to the student's home
  • Common interests between student and tutor

Most importantly, all of our tutors took high school math under the Canadian Math curriculum. Therefore, tutors teach using Math terms that are familiar to students.

Free Consultation with Tutors

Worried that the tutor assigned to your child may not be a good fit? We can help! Our tutors are happy to speak with clients over the phone or meet with them in person before clients decide on lessons. Math Tutor Network wants to make sure that the tutor is compatible with the student.

Locations We Serve

Math Tutor Network provides tutoring services for the following locations:

  • Vancouver Westside
  • Vancouver Eastside
  • Burnaby
  • New Westminster
  • Coquitlam
  • Port Coquitlam
  • Port Moody
  • Richmond
  • Delta
  • Surrey
  • Langley
  • White Rock
  • Tsawwassen
  • West Vancouver
  • North Vancouver


Below are the starting rates for private lessons:

Subject Online Rate* In-Person Rate*
Math K to 7 $38 per hour $40 per hour
Math 8 $40 per hour $42 per hour
Math 9 $40 per hour $42 per hour
Math 10 $40 per hour $42 per hour
Math 11 $42 per hour $44 per hour
Math 12 $44 per hour $46 per hour
Post-Secondary Math $46 per hour $48 per hour
Post-Secondary Statistics $46 per hour $48 per hour

* Rates may vary depending on location and tutor's experience. An additional $5.00 fee is assessed for lessons shorter than 1.5 hours. Rates for AP and IB courses may be slightly higher.