Math Tutor Network offers a variety of programs for elementary school students. Whether it is to catch up and review on core concepts or to get ahead, we have a program suitable for your child. Our academic programs are delivered to students as private or group tutoring lessons at the student's home, at a public library or online via our virtual tutoring platform.


Suitable for: Grade 1 to 7 JUMP Math

Our JUMP Math program is intended for students who would like to improve on their numeracy skills. We recommend using the JUMP Math exercises as an addendum to the student's math course. JUMP Math offers step by step examples to guide students from one concept to the next.

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Tailored Remedial Math Lessons

Suitable for: Grade 1 to 12 Tailored Remedial Math Lessons

Some students may not have fully grasped all the math concepts taught by their teachers. Our tailored remedial math lessons are designed for students who struggled with their math course and would like extra help to refine their knowledge. The goal is to target and remove weaknesses that impedes on the student's math performance.

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Fundamental Skills Development

Suitable for: Grade 6 to 9 Fundamental Skills Development

Math Tutor Network's Fundamental Skills Development program is designed for students who would like to solidify their math foundations knowledge. Often, students struggle in Math not because they are not able to understand the theory in topic, but because of a gap in their math foundations. This barrier prevents students from trying further as they lost their confidence in Math.

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Back to School Review

Suitable for: Grade 1 to 7 Back to School Review

Featured in the Globe and Mail, the Back to School Review is our most popular summer program. Review sessions are generally divided into 4 to 6 sessions. This program is perfect for students who would like to brush off the rust coming back from vacation. Lessons generally start in August and runs until the end of September.

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