Why Math Tutor Network

Our Tutor Recruitment Process

A lot of clients requests for tutoring not because the teacher in class does not have the knowledge or credential to teach, but because their children do not understand the teacher’s explanations. Math Tutor Network understands this problem. This is why we have a strict recruitment process to ensure that tutors can communicate with the student.

Tutor Selection Process
Tutor Selection Process

Our interviews involves a technical assessment, which consists of an on-the-spot test on various Math concepts from different grades. The candidate is also responsible to tutor the interviewer, who act as an ordinary student. Through our assessment, we are able to analyze the candidate's style of teaching as well as the candidate’s Math knowledge for a certain grade and subject. Our goal is to ensure that tutors who join our team can explain concepts and engage students' understanding.

The Importance of Establishing Rapport

We realize that a healthy learning relationship between the tutor and the student is vital to a student's success. Tutors and students must be able to connect with each other for tutoring to work efficiently. This is why our student-to-tutor matching process ensures we arrange tutors who share similar interests and background with the student. Our tutors do more than just teaching. They are also mentors for our leaders of tomorrow.

Helping Students Answer Their Own Questions

For students to fully understand the questions they struggle with, tutors cannot simply explain the solution to students and expect them to be able to answer a similar question correctly the next time. We believe that tutors should ask a lot of questions and lead students to the answer. Next, create similar problems to verify that the student fully grasp the concept. That way, students will likely learn and remember the concept much better.

Advancing Step by Step

We realize that there may be certain areas of math that students may be weaker at. Our tutors will structure their lessons to help students overcome these hurdles in a progressive manner. Having students learn one step at a time solidify their understanding and allow them to perform at their highest potential through time.

Progress Tracking

Math Tutor Network provides monthly evaluations for students. Our progress report contains a detailed breakdown of student's math skills in algebra, problem solving, application of concepts, and transitional skills. The report also contains tutor's feedback on areas the student needs to focus on, and recommendations on how to overcome obstacles that prevent them from achieving further.

Additional Practices Anytime

Math Tutor Network has a large database of exercises and practice tests for all math grades. Where necessary, our tutors will provide additional examples and exercises to help students refine their understanding. Before a quiz or test, tutors may also opt to provide a practice quiz or test for students.

Flexible and Convenient

We understand that students are often busy with extra-curricular activities and commitment. Our tutors are all considerate and will work with students to schedule a time that is convenient for both sides. We also understand that towards the time before a test, students may request for additional lessons. Our tutors realize that and will try their best to schedule extra lessons for students.

Need more info?

We understand that there may be other concerns or questions not answered on our website. For more inquiries, please contact us.