Why Math Tutor Network


Periodically, we ask our clients to evaluate our services and the tutors' performance. The following are some feedbacks, video testimonials, and tutor evaluations from our clients.

Quotes from our Clients

"Tomasi is finding Joanna very good. She explains things in the way he can understand and he says he is learning well from her. His classroom teacher is noticing an improvement in his work."

-- Sheila Vataiki, Pre-Calculus 11 parent

"Arjun says Rosemarie does a particularly good job at explaining concepts and making them easier to understand. She also keeps the subject interesting and is extremely funny and nice. I see the notes Arjun brings home and I can follow the concepts and reinforce the concept with practice at home. We think she is really fantastic!"

-- Laura Principe, Math 5 parent

"Sammi was very good at specifically tailoring the sessions to Justin's questions; her review before Justin's final was excellent. Overall, we are very pleased with the service. Have already recommended your service to a couple of my friends."

-- Wendy Medwid, Math and Physics 12 parent

"...again would like to say how pleased I am with Eva’s tutoring with Cole. She has given him so much confidence.”

-- Farah Dubash, Foundations of Math and Pre-Calculus 10 parent

Video Reviews

We have also asked some of our students to give us a review of our services after they finished their math course. Here's what they say:

Savannah Phillips
Christian Gundic

Tutor Evaluations

Every quarter, we ask for clients feedback on our tutoring services. Below are the evaluations from some of our clients:

Evaluation 1
Evaluation 2
Evaluation 3
Evaluation 4
Evaluation 5

If you would like to see the evaluations of a specific tutor, please contact us.