Tailored Remedial Math Lessons


Some students may not have fully grasped all the math concepts taught throughout the school year. Math Tutor Network’s tailored remedial math lessons are designed for students who struggled with their math course and would like extra help to refine their knowledge. The goal is to target and remove weaknesses that impedes on the student's math performance.

By solidifying the necessary building blocks, students will be more prepared for their upcoming Math materials in school.


In order for our educational staff to be able to focus on the student’s weaknesses, an assessment is recommended prior to starting remedial sessions. That way, tutors will be able to identify areas of Math where students struggle with, as well as creating a lesson plan that narrows down the potential gaps in fundamental math concepts.

Lesson Format

Remedial lessons works best in one-on-one sessions either in-person or online. Math Tutor Network recommends lessons once or twice a week for at least a period of four weeks. Frequency, pace and duration of lessons may be tailored to students’ needs. In general, lessons of 90 minutes or more are recommended.

For more information on the availability and rates of our lessons, please visit the Private Lessons and Group Lessons page.


Please fill out the lesson inquiry form. A staff member will contact you within 24 hours.

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